Complete Roadmap for Game Development

How to Become a Game Developer

How to Become a Game Developer

Guys, you must have heard the name of GTA 6 and BGMI. The hype of GTA 6 is amazing. You and I have played GTA 5. But if I tell you that you can make these games, then you will ask how? And in this blog, I will tell you how to become a game developer, which study you require, which language you need to learn and some extra tips. This blog is enough to make games like this. If you will read this blog carefully and follow all the instructions, then my friend you’ll not need to read anything else. Let’s start.

Future of Gaming Industry in India

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How Much a Game Developer Salary

Game development easily takes up to 6-10 lakhs per annum in India. In the last 5 years, the Indian gaming industry has raised $2.8 billion. And since 2019, this figure has increased by 380%. If I talk about 2020, it has increased by 23%. Which means that the Indian gaming industry is at a boom. And it’s growing very fast.

As we already discussed in our above content. All statistics and details clearly clarify that the gaming industry is at boom and Asia is on top. If you’re thinking “how much does a game developer make per month”, don’t worry about salary and career. If you have skills, you’ll definitely earn well and make a good career in it for sure.  It has a very good future.


Basics of Game Development 

Now, I’ll tell you that games are basically of two types. 2D games and 3D games. In 2D games, you see a two-dimensional field. And in phones, even today, 2D games are very popular. And the biggest advantage of making 2D games is that they are not very graphic intensive. They work on simple phones too. That’s why people love 2D games a lot. If I talk about PCs, people still play 2D games on PCs these days. They don’t play as much as they play 3D games, but they do. 2D games like Mario are also very simple to develop as compared to 3D games.

3D games use three-dimensional graphics, like GTA 5. Let’s talk about GTA 6, all these games are 3D games. Let’s talk about Cyberpunk. To make such graphic-intensive games, how to use Nvidia, CUDA, graphics, how to use CPU and GPU optimally, all this knowledge should be there. But thankfully, we have some game engines that do this work for us. very easily. Before I tell you about game engines and how to become a game developer, I want to tell you that you should know basic programming before game development.

Game Developer Education Requirements

If you are in school or college, and searching how to become a game developer? I will recommend C and C++ for you because you will know the basics of programming from C, C++. Look at the basic syntax, how the programming languages work, what are the variables, what are the functions, and you will be able to improve from programming for around 6-8 months if you are an absolute beginner. 

And if you are in school or college, I will tell you I would recommend a slow start and I would recommend starting with a language like C and C++. Two-dimensional games can also be made with the help of JavaScript, so the game development of these browsers is becoming very popular in JavaScript. For this, there is a library called KaboomJS, with the help of which you can make games and you will have a lot of fun if you make two-dimensional games with it. There are also libraries in JavaScript to make three-dimensional games, but because these are graphic intensive games, mostly those that we play. That’s why it is made with the help of engines like Unity or Unreal. If you want to learn game development in Python, you can use the Pygame library. But it can give you good games to a certain extent. If you want to launch your game on the market like GTA 6 or Cyberpunk, then you will have to learn game engines. 

Game engine players

There are two big players in game engines. One is Unity, while the other is Unreal. Both are great game engines. Basically, game engines make your work easy when it comes to developing your game. Because you won’t be thinking that this process will handle CPU and GPU. You won’t be thinking about the low level of the game, it will be thinking about what to become in the gaming. Put your human mind in it. With the help of that, you will use the game engine as a layer. On top of that, you will create your game.

Here, I want to give you the suggestion that you guys choose unity or unreal that one game engine from these two. If you want to make these games for Android, then Unity is a great choice. Unreal Engine is also a great engine. You can see both of them and you can continue with whichever you are comfortable with. Both of these are very popular game engines. Unity primarily uses C Sharp and Unreal Engine uses C++. 

Now if you want to make games visually using a node-based interface in Unreal, then you can use Unreal Blueprints. And a very similar thing comes in Unity called Visual Scripting, with the help of which you can visually make games in Unity. 

So this is a major difference, but in today’s date, you get to see a lot of changes and customizations in these engines.

Paid and Free Frameworks For Game Development

Now if I talk about the pricing of Unity and Unreal, then both Unity and Unreal are free to download and use, but there’s a catch. If you earn more than $100,000 from your game in Unity, then you have to take a subscription of Unity Pro. And it’s the same with Unreal Engine, you have to give royalty, around 5% of gross revenue if you earn more than 1 billion in a quarter. 

Now there is a game engine called GEDDOT which is free and open source unlike Unity and Unreal. But I will recommend Unity and Unreal because it is stable, better and has more jobs compared to GEDDIT which is a free and open source game engine.

Indie Developer

Now you can become an indie developer. Indie developer means an independent developer who handles aspects like funding, game design, programming, art and marketing himself. Then once you have started making the game You see how you can set up a basic game. You can set up a basic scene. You see data structures and algorithms. Because this will help you to make a good logic. You see, what are the arrays? What are the queues? What are the stacks? How does the list work? See about trees. And at least take a basic understanding of data structure algorithms.

I am not recommending you too much. That you see the courses of data structure and algorithms. You just have to have a good understanding. How can you make logic in your game? Because you have to make logic in the game. And the game is such a thing in which the processing of every second matters?

Why Loading Time Matters

Every millisecond is very important Because if you don’t give a reaction to the user at a given time It will get boring. If your game gets stuck even a little You will say that this game is stuck for 100 milliseconds. It will be shown as a lag and you don’t want your game to lag and people will say that your game is lagging. And the user leaves the game very quickly If the game seems to be lagging. So whenever you are developing a game, you have to look at the data structures and algorithms very carefully. You have to look at each entry carefully so that you are not using an extra millisecond. Because maybe the game is running very well in your simulator and emulator.

But the problem is that the end user who runs a game on a phone worth ₹2,000. Maybe he won’t be able to play your game. If he can play, he won’t be able to play with that much fun. And if you make your game a little bit optimal here. Then your game will shine. In terms that your game runs on slow phones and PCs too. So data structures and algorithms are very important. 

Extra Information to Become a Game Developer

Now let’s talk about Git. What is Git? You have to learn that because when you are making a game, you will collaborate with multiple people. So you should at least know the basics about Git and GitHub.

You will have to collaborate with other developers. Because when you are making a game, you will sit with the designers. You will also sit with different developers. If you are making a little complex game, then it will not be made by one developer. And if you want a game in less time, then you will have to work with multiple developers. Now to download 2D and 3D assets, I will tell you about two websites. One is, where you can download many assets for free. You will get to see all kinds of assets on this website. And there is another website, This website is also amazing if you want to download assets related to your games.

Game Developer Requirements While Developing

Now, once you have started developing the game, you should know the basics of Math’s and Geometry. Because you are going to use Physics a lot. And Math’s is used in Physics. 

  • You should know about 2D Coordinate Systems. 
  • You should know about 3D Coordinate Systems. 
  • You should know about Projectile Motion. 
  • You should know Kinematics about Distance and Velocity in Physics. 

Otherwise, you can’t make games. Because if you don’t have an understanding, how will you simulate the physics of any object?

It should be seen that according to the things going on in the real world, its velocity, speed, etc. The more you can combine it with the real world, the better the game is. So you have to study physics very well. 

You can read the physics of the 11th class again. And in the 12th class, read the three-dimensional chapter in mathematics properly. I am talking about CBSE. You must know what topics I talked about. You have to study these topics very well. 

After that, if you want to go into graphics processing, then how does OpenGL work for you? How does CUDA work? How do shaders work? You should know the basics of this. After this, when we make multiplayer games, we have to transmit data from one computer to another computer. Or over a network or over internet data has to be transmitted in the case of multiplayer games. In this case, you should know networking and you should know how you can do all these things.

Some Extra Game Development Tips

AI is being used a lot in game development these days. You should at least learn some basic algorithms of artificial intelligence. Like A-star algorithms, pathfinding algorithms. These are used a lot in game development. So you will get a great start from courses at Udemy, and other sites. 

Now I will tell you about publishing games. If you want to publish your games then you can publish on Google Play where you can earn money through game monetization with the help of in-app purchases and you can use steam on which you can publish your games once they are ready. 

I hope you have got good information about game development and how to become a game developer. You must have understood where you want to start? And how do you want to move forward in the game development domain. What do you think about the future of game development in India? Thank you so much guys for reading this blog.